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Marketing is an integral part of getting your business out in the marketplace and known by your potential customers. Whether you are a large organisation with a substantial budget to a small start-up, marketing should play a part in your business plan. There are many elements and ways you can market your business from digital tools such as pay per click adverts and social media, to content driven marketing.

We have provided below a brief guidance on the types of marketing you could consider and how you would go about them.

Understanding search engines

Digital marketing plays a critical role in the development of any business, whether big or small. With so many customers searching for product information online before making a purchasing decision, it is important that your site is easy to find.

Understanding search engine optimisation will enable you to put your website at the forefront of customer searches. This involves knowing exactly what Google wants and will generate significantly more leads and sales from the increased traffic directed to your site.

Optimising your site

When starting your business, it is practical to implement the basics of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) yourself to get your website on the search engines radar. Once you experience growth or decide to expand, outsourcing this task to a search engine marketing company is always an option.

A key way to ensure your website is optimised, is to make sure you carry out a regular review of the content and links used within the site. If your business is promoting a particular service or has decided to focus on promoting your content marketing strategy in a different direction, then make sure this is echoed through your website and your content is updated and includes the appropriate new keywords.